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Millennials reveal 100 brands they love

Millennials make up a crucial group of consumers.

Ad agency Moosylvania asked more than 1,500 millennials — defined as 16 to 36-year-olds — to select their favorite brands.

Some are surprising.

"Ultimately, the functionality of how the brand serves the consumer seems to win out," Norty Cohen, CEO of Moosylvania, said in a statement.

Here are the top brands according to the survey.


100. Dollar Tree
Wikimedia Commons

Headquarters: Chesapeake Bay, Virginia

Place on last poll: N/A

Why it's hot: Dollar General is cheap and convenient. It's also becoming more prevalent, and thereby even more convenient, since snatching up 41 of Walmart's failed Express stores.

99. DC Shoes
Instagram/DC Shoes

Headquarters: Huntington Beach, California

Place on last poll: 96

Why it's hot: DC Shoes is all about cultivating a skateboarding lifestyle. In the past, the brand engaged its audience by with its #TraseYours campaign, wherein the Talenthouse community of artists were able to design shoes for chances to win cash prizes.

98. Carter's

Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia

Place on last poll: 95

Why it's hot: The brand has mastered social media. Millennial parents who want to share photos of their babies (wearing Carter's apparel, no less) can use its hashtag #lovecarters. Carter's features those photos of adorable kids on its website, too.

97. Burger King

Headquarters: Miami, Florida

Place on last poll: N/A

Why it's hot: Burger King has been creating major buzz recently with the launches of bizarre food mashups, like the instantly viral Mac n' Cheetos and the Whopperrito. The fast-food chain pairs the quirky menu items with serious discounts, such as the "5 for $4" deal and the two-for-$10 Whopper meal deal.

96. Barnes & Noble
Flickr / Rowan University Publications

Headquarters: New York, New York

Place on last poll: 63

Why it's hot: Yes, people still read! And Barnes & Noble knows that, but it also realizes that people want experiences these days. Fortunately, Barnes & Noble is working on becoming a cool place to hang out. It will be serving wine and beer soon.

95. Audi
Robert Libetti/ Business Insider

Headquarters: Ingolstadt, Germany

Place on last poll: 100

Why it's hot: ABC reported that the company has been focusing on marketing to young people and using social media to engage with them.

"We've seen a 23% increase in millennials coming to the brand in the past two years," AUDI's USA director of marketing, Loren Angelo, said to ABC.

94. Ann Taylor
Instagram/Ann Taylor

Headquarters: New York, New York

Place on last poll: N/A

Why it's hot: Ann Taylor has been showing off a younger, Instagram-friendly look recently. Its sister brand, Loft, is known for mastering the "new dress code" for young shoppers in the workforce.

93. Urban Outfitters
Scott Eells / Getty Images

Headquarters: Philadelphia

Place on last poll: N/A

Why it's hot: Urban Outfitters is aiming to be more than just a clothing store. Now, it's also getting into the restaurant business. It swept up Vetri pizza chain last fall and operates Esh, an Israeli barbecue restaurant, in its Williamsburg location.

92. Rue 21
Instagram/Rue 21

Headquarters: Warrendale, Pennsylvania

Place on last poll: 80

Why it's hot: The brand has figured out a way to target budget-savvy young shoppers. This year, it partnered with UNiDAYS to help it find students so they could save on their purchases.

91. Mercedes Benz
Wolfgang Rattay/Reuters

Headquarters: Stuttgart, Germany

Place on last poll: N/A

Why it's hot: Digiday has reported that Mercedes-Benz has been using influencers to appeal to this crucial demographic. The interior of Mercedes-Benz's E-Class Sedan is super sleek and innovative, with perks like a touch screen.

90. Marvel

Headquarters: New York, NY

Place on last poll: 67

Why it's hot: Marvel is obviously a huge power force in pop culture — its "Avengers" movies (amongst others) are smash hits, grossing billions of dollars worldwide.

89. Lululemon

Headquarters: Vancouver, Canada

Place on last poll: N/A

Why it's hot: Lululemon is a popular activewear brand, and it's also known for fostering a sense of community with its in-store yoga classes. In fact, its New York City flagship even has a community space called Hub Seventeen.

88. Lay's
Hollis Johnson

Headquarters: Plano, Texas

Place on last poll: 34 (Frito Lay)

Why it's hot: Lay's won big with its annual Do Us A Flavor contest. People who shared their digitally designed flavors online were eligible to win bags of their designed chips — and some even got to have their flavors nationally produced. Business Insider tested some of these wacky flavors last year.

87 JCPenney

Headquarters: Plano, Texas

Place on last poll: 71

Why it's hot: JCPenney has been working to execute a turnaround. It even has launched Sephora units into its larger stores. JCPenney has also been selling appliances. CEO Marvin Ellison has said that the company is benefiting from Sears' and Macy's problems.

86. Gucci
File photo of a woman holding an umbrella as she walks past a company logo of a Gucci boutique outside a shopping mall in central GuangzhouThomson Reuters

Headquarters: Florence, Italy

Place on last poll: 82

Why it's hot: Gucci has been zeroing in on its social media strategy, Digiday reported.

Chris Paradysz, CEO of digital marketing agency PMX, told Business Insider earlier this year that luxury brands have found ways to connect with younger people.

"It's not Gucci exclusively but there are four or five brands, including Chanel and Burberry, that have somewhat harmoniously integrated digital strategies to evolve into store sales," he said. "They've managed to connect with a younger audience through different verticals — such as social media and art shows — while also connecting with the slightly older audience. The fashion is always impeccable, the fabrics matter and it's predictable in quality."

85. Dell
Lisa Eadicicco

Headquarters: Round Rock, Texas

Place last poll: 28

Why it's hot: Dell is another company benefiting from millennials' reliance on technology.

84. Converse
Converse on Facebook

Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts

Place on last poll: 18

Why it's hot: Converse has seen sales boom as more millennials wear sneakers to work and other occasions. Converse recently took on Nike to help reinvent its iconic All Star shoes.

83. Aldi
Thomson Reuters

Headquarters: Essen, Germany

Place on last poll: N/A

Why it's hot: Aldi has been zeroing in on organic groceries, which could make it a threat to Whole Foods. It's also cheap — in fact, it's cheaper than Dollar General.

82. Taco Bell
Taco Bell Online

Headquarters: Irvine, California

Place on last poll: 51

Why it's hot: Taco Bell remains wildly popular. The brand has maintained its unique, Internet-friendly approach to menu items, with plans to debut a taco that swaps a tortilla for fried chicken across the US next year.

81. Panera
Panera on Facebook

Headquarters: St. Louis, Missouri

Place on last poll: N/A

Why it's hot: Panera has established itself as a leader in the movement toward all-natural food, promising to remove artificial preservatives, sweeteners, and flavors from its food by the end of 2016. The fast-casual chain is also investing in tech, with in-store kiosks and an increasing number of digital orders.

80. Monster Energy
REUTERS/Fred Prouser

Headquarters: Corona, California

Place on last poll: N/A

Why it's hot: As soda sales slump, energy drinks are hot. Analysts say that consumers, especially millennials, are gravitating toward beverages that offer more than just hydration.

79. McDonald's

Headquarters: Oak Brook, Illinois

Place on last poll: 32

Why it's hot: In October 2015, McDonald's launched all-day breakfast, a long-time customer demand. The new all-day breakfast menu helped grow sales at McDonald's, helping pull the chain out of a two-year sales slump. Now, the chain is trying to convince customers that it serves quality, nutritious food, with adjustments like new 100% white meat Chicken McNuggets and making McMuffins with butter instead of margarine.

78. Kate Spade
Instagram/Kate Spade

Headquarters: New York, New York

Place on last poll: N/A

Why it's hot: Kate Spade is known for its quirky branding. Unfortunately for the company, in its most recent quarter, it struggled with a drop in tourist traffic and discounting.

77. Hewlett-Packard
Lisa Eadicicco

Headquarters: Palo Alto, California

Place on last poll: 36

Why it's hot: Young consumers love Hewlett-Packard's relatively inexpensive laptops. Still, they remained threatened by Apple's dominance in the industry.

76. Guess

Headquarters: Los Angeles, California

Place on last poll: N/A

Why it's hot: The brand is definitely zeroing in on the millennial audience. It's partnered with Ariana Grande for a line called "Side to Side." Appropriately enough, its apparel is front and center in Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj's "Side to Side" video (which exclusively debuted on Guess's website).

75. Chase
Getty Images / Justin Sullivan

Headquarters: New York, New York

Place on last poll: N/A

Why it's hot: Chase has partnered with TrueCar for Chase Auto Direct, a way for people to facilitate financing their cars online in tandem with buying a car online, Bloomberg reported.

74. Banana Republic
Facebook/Banana Republic

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Place on last poll: 70

Why it's hot: Banana Republic wants to have the speed that fast fashion has. In February's Fashion Week, it tried to up its game by letting shoppers buy some of its runway styles immediately. But recently, Banana Republic has faced some troubles with fashion missteps and several quarters of plunging sales.

73. Asus
Asus Padfone 2 tabletREUTERS/Pichi Chuang

Headquarters: Taipei, Taiwan

Place on last poll: 52

Why it's hot: This Taiwanese company is a huge PC vendor, and it's actually working to understand the millennial demographic. At the end of last year, it released a survey to measure how millennials define luxury.

72. Aeropostale

Headquarters: New York, New York

Place on last poll: 37

Why it's hot: Despite falling out of favor with the teen set, Aeropostale apparently still maintains some loyalty with the 20-somethings who wore it in high school. The brand's status, however, is falling fast as young people increasingly move away from logos. The brand has tried to appeal to millennials by incorporating YouTube personality Bethany Mota into its marketing and fashion plans. (The company did, however, file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in May.)

71. Wendy's
Hollis Johnson

Headquarters: Columbus, Ohio

Place on last poll: 85

Why it's hot: While fast-food chains like Burger King and Taco Bell have doubled down on crazy menu items, Wendy's has focused on the classics that made it famous. Even as the chain increases its social media marketing, Baconator and the Frosty remain key to the brand's identity.

70. Polo
Instagram/Polo Ralph Lauren

Headquarters: New York, New York

Place on last poll: N/A

Why it's hot: Polo remains an iconic brand that apparently still captures the hearts of preppy young people.

69. Nestle
REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

Headquarters: Vevey, Switzerland

Place last poll: 98

Why it's hot: While Nestle is best known for its many popular candies, the company is taking steps in a healthier direction. The company is cutting sodium from its products and getting into the nutrition and health science business, with investments such as a test that can diagnose milk allergies in infants and toddlers.

68. Marshalls
Marshalls Facebook

Headquarters: New York, New York

Place on last poll: N/A

Why it's hot: The off-price space is a good place to be right now, considering how frugal consumers are lately. Sales for its parent company have been climbing consistently.

67. Jeep

Headquarters: Auburn Hills, MI

Place on last poll: 91

Why it's hot: Some people think that one of Jeep's cars was designed specifically with millennials in mind. CarBuzz asked: "is the Jeep Renegade the first car designed for solely millennials?"

66. J. Crew
J. Crew

Headquarters: New York, NY

Place on last poll: 83

Why it's hot: Times have been tough for preppy mainstay J. Crew, as it appeared to stray from its roots with odd selections. The brand continues to connect with millennial women, largely in part due to its creative director, Jenna Lyons. J. Crew's "Very Personal Styling" also appeals to millennials, as does its somewhat-affordable wedding apparel. The company also recently announced that it would be sold at Nordstrom.

65. Bath & Body Works

Headquarters: Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Place on last poll: 64

Why it's hot: Bath & Body works was an icon in the late '90s and early aughts (and a mainstay for holiday gifts). Bath & Body Works capitalized on millennials' love for nostalgia by throwing back to its iconic older fragrances, such as Cucumber Melon and Juniper Breeze with its #FlashbackFragrance campaign.

64. Xbox
Xbox/YouTube/Bad Brute

Headquarters: Redmond, Washington

Place on last poll: N/A

Why it's hot: The company keeps innovating. The new XBox One S is reportedly generally much better than its previous model. And, as Tech Insider reported, there's a mysterious new console coming out next year code-named Project Scorpio.

63. Whole Foods
Mallory Schlossberg/Business Insider

Headquarters: Austin, Texas

Place on last poll: 54

Why it's hot: Whole Foods is known for selling fresh, organic food, and for suggesting healthy recipes to consumers. Now, it has a new brand aimed at millennials called 365 by Whole Foods. The new concept aims to compete with rivals such as Trader Joe's and Kroger, with more inexpensive offerings and a no-frills set up.

62. Hershey
A Hershey's chocolate bar is shown in this photo illustration in EncinitasThomson Reuters

Headquarters: Hershey, Pennsylvania

Place last poll: 47

Why it's hot: Iconic candy company Hershey's has dropped artificial coloring from its chocolate. "We are committed to making our products using ingredients that are simple and easy-to-understand, like fresh milk from local farms, roasted California almonds, cocoa beans and sugar – ingredients you recognize, know and trust," the company said in a release. The company also swept upt Krave Jerky, proving that it's committed to healthy snacks, too.

62. Verizon

Headquarters: New York, New York

Place on last poll: 61

Why it's hot: The company recently scooped up Yahoo for a whopping $4.8 billion. Verizon has been working to get younger consumers with its streaming app, G090.

61. Vans

Headquarters: Cypress, California

Place on last poll: 27

Why it's hot: Vans started out selling skater shoes, but has since gone mainstream. The company has benefited from athletic footwear becoming more fashionable than dress shoes. Most importantly, it sells a lifestyle, with its Vans Pro Skate Park Series and the Vans US Open of Surfing.

60. Valve

Headquarters: Bellevue, Washington

Place last poll: 69

Why it's hot: The video-game development company rose to prominence with its Half-Life franchise in 1998. The brand has a huge following on Facebook and frequently posts giveaways. Steam has also become the premiere gaming platform for many people.

59. Kellogg's
Wikimedia Commons

Headquarters: Battle Creek, Michigan

Place on last poll: 44

Why it's hot: Millennials may be too lazy to eat cereal, but the company has mastered digital campaigns, which certainly appeals to millennials. It also opened up an Instagram-friendly fancy cereal restaurant in New York.

58. GMC

Headquarters: Detroit, Michigan

Place on last poll: N/A

Why it's hot: According to USA Today, Ford says that older millennials are buying SUVs. That helps brands like General Motors, too, which sells lots of SUVs.

It appears that GMC is trying to appeal to older millennials, too, as it recently announced that it would have a special safety feature for its 2017 GMC Acadia that would help prevent child deaths from too-hot cars, CNN reported.

57. Dodge
REUTERS/Rebecca Cook

Headquarters: Auburn Hills, Michigan

Place on last poll: 75

Why it's hot: Business Insider reported that JD Power said the Dodge Viper as the most "reliable" midsize sporty car. Data from IHS Automotive (via AutoGuide.com) ranked Dodge as millennials' favorite type of car.

56. Coach
REUTERS/Fred Prouser

Headquarters: New York, New York

Place on last poll: 43

Why it's hot: Coach's social media activity and campaigns have made the luxury brand accessible to younger shoppers who don't have as much money. But, Coach's ubiquity and accessibility have hurt the brand's reputation as a luxury retailer, so the brand has been focusing on toning down its promotions to help it become more exclusive again. The company is also pulling out of 25% of its wholesale locations.

55. Trader Joe's
Christian Storm/Business Insider

Headquarters: Monrovia, California

Place on last poll: 84

Why it's hot: Organic food, unique products, and low prices make Trader Joe's a hot destination for young consumers. It also boasts its own unique personality — be it the Hawaiian shirts or the pun-laden signs around the stores.

54. North Face
The North Face Facebook

Headquarters: Alameda, California

Place on last poll: N/A

Why it's hot: North Face sells outdoors gear, and the outdoors industry is thriving — look no further than R.E.I. as proof. Wearing outdoors apparel can contribute to a highly Instagrammable or Snapchat-worthy experience.

53. Kraft
Kraft macaroni and cheese products are seen on the shelf at a grocery store in Washington, May 3, 2012.REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Headquarters: Northfield, Illinois

Place on last poll: 58

Why it's hot: Last year, Kraft announced that it would remove artificial colors and preservatives from its iconic mac and cheese.

52. Hot Topic
flickr / camknows

Headquarters: Industry, California

Place on last poll: 22

Why it's hot: Hot Topic is more than just a destination for clothing for millennials — it's become an entire lifestyle, with its focus on the music industry and pop culture. The store even sponsors shows.

51. Chipotle
Flickr/ Collin Messer

Headquarters: Denver, Colorado

Place on last poll: 56

Why it's hot: Though Chipotle has been struggling with a cavalcade of bad press following an E. Coli outbreak, foot traffic appeared to increase in the summer. The company frequently offers free food — and free booze — to get customers to come back.

50. Tesla

Headquarters: Palo Alto, California

Place on last poll: N/A

Why it's hot: Thrillist called Tesla's Model 3 "the millennial dream car," with its high technology and functionality. The company has a cult-like following.

49. Southwest Airlines
AP Photo/LM Otero

Headquarters: Dallas, Texas

Place on last poll: N/A

Why it's hot: Southwest Airlines have made multiple efforts to appeal to millennials, such as its Music + Ideas Festival, which allowed college students to present their ideas for startups to venture capitalists and investors.

48. Sephora
People walk out of the Sephora store on the Champs Elysees Avenue in ParisThomson Reuters

Headquarters: Paris, France

Place on last poll: 73

Why it's hot: Sephora is the premiere destination for all things beauty. Its points and rewards system encourages brand loyalty; consumers keep coming back to obtain points to earn new products. It helps that makeup is one of the categories that millennials are willing to spend on.

47. Ralph Lauren
AP Photo/Richard Drew

Headquarters: New York, New York

Place on last poll: 45

Why it's hot: Ralph Lauren's brand is available at thousands of stores worldwide, although recently, it's been losing some of its clout as preppy people abandon it.

46. Nordstrom
Scott Olson / Getty Images

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington

Place on last poll: 77

Why it's hot: Nordstrom has been expanding its lower-priced concept, Nordstrom Rack. This has come with detrimental effects, but it certainly helps Nordstrom have a stake in the off-price business. Nordstrom has also secured ways to sell popular brands like Brandy Melville, TopShop, and even Beyonce's Ivy Park.

45. Mountain Dew

Headquarters: Purchase, New York

Place on last poll: 60

Why it's hot: Mountain Dew definitely has a personality. Who could forget its twerking cat ad? Its Kickstart beverage is extremely popular. In fact, according to Fortune, Chief Scientific Officer Mehmood Khan said that it has "the legs to be the next billion dollar brand."

44. Jordan

Headquarters: Beaverton, Oregon

Place on last poll: 14

Why it's hot: Jordans are a huge part of the sneaker phenomeon and are a huge part of sneaker culture.

43. PlayStation

Headquarters: San Mateo, California

Place on last poll: 78

Why it's hot: PlayStation is taking its gaming to the next level with two new Playstation 4s in the works, as well as a virtual reality headset.

41. Nissan

Headquarters: Yokohama, Kanagawa Perfecture, Japan

Place on last poll: 76

Why it's hot: Nissan's latest car concept is super futuristic, and proves that the brand is continuing to innovate. An earlier concept car, called "Teatro for Dayz," set out to target millennials.

40. Levi's
@levis on Instagram

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Place on last poll: 29

Why it's hot: Levi's has benefited from young consumers' tendency to wear denim and casual clothing to work. But now, many millennials are abandoning denim entirely, choosing to wear athletic attire instead. To combat this problem, Levi's has been designing jeans that are stretchy and more form-fitting in nature, to put them in line with athleisure-style apparel.

39. Gap
Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Place on last poll: 35

Why it's hot: Gap has been struggling to pull sales out of a slump, but its latest fall campaign, "Do You," seems to be in touch with the millennial spirit, focusing on unique artists — including Tuesday Bassen, the artist who said that Zara copied her.

38. Forever 21
REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Headquarters: Los Angeles, California

Place on last poll: 12

Why it's hot: Forever 21 offers clothing at unbeatable prices and has expanded tremendously in two decades. It epitomizes fast fashion.

37. BMW

Headquarters: Munich, Germany

Place on last poll: 46

Why it's hot: The famously luxurious car company is ready to take on Tesla with plans for self driving and electric cars.

36. Dr. Pepper
By andreasivarsson on Flickr

Headquarters: Plano, Texas

Place on last poll: 50

Why it's hot: This June, Dr. Pepper launched individualized soda labels for its 20 ounce bottles, as a way to appeal to millennials. The company said in a release that labels were inspired by "passion points" for that young demographic.

35. Honda

Headquarters: Hamamatsu, Japan

Place on last poll: 42

Why it's hot: According to Forbes, its Civic and Accord are big winners with the millennial crowd. The Washington Post recently crowned the Honda Civic as one of the seven best first cars for millennial drivers because of its size, redesign, and its high crash-test rating.

34. Macy's
Kena Betancur/Getty

Headquarters: Cincinnati, Ohio

Place on last poll: 39

Why it's hot: Millennials are spending less money on clothes and more money on experiences, which is bad news for Macy's. The brand has been trying to appeal to millennials, though. In fact, in its Herald Square flagship, there's an entire floor dedicated to the demographic. The company recently announced that it would be shuttering 100 stores.

33. H&M
Flickr/Mike Mozart

Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden

Place on last poll: 31

Why it's hot: H&M knows what its consumers want with its runway-esque styles. H&M has also managed to lure many sartorially minded shoppers with its high-profile collaborations, like its Balmain collection.

32. Best Buy
Flickr/Kevin McShane

Headquarters: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Place on last poll: 40

Why it's hot: What's currently boosting Best Buy's business? Its customers are choosing to spending more on fitness trackers, home theater systems, and appliances. The company is also solidifying itself as a place to be to try out technology. In fact, consumers can even try out Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets out at Best Buy.

31. Netflix

Headquarters: Los Gatos, California

Place on last poll: 72

Why it's hot: There's a reason people say "Netflix and chill" and not "cable and chill!" Netflix's original series such as "Orange Is The New Black," "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," and "Stranger Things" have permeated pop culture.

30. Costco
Shopping carts at Costco in Fairfax, VirginiaThomson Reuters

Headquarters: Issaquah, Washington

Place on last poll: 81

Why it's hot: Costco is a haven for millennials with its prices, wide array of products, its killer food court... and vacation packages.

29. Chevrolet

Headquarters: Detroit, Michigan

Place on last poll: 41

Why it's hot: Chevy's "Real People, Not Actors" campaign gives consumers something real to which they can relate. The company even used the ad campaign to call out millennial stereotypes, like beards and tattoos.

28. Under Armour
Facebook/Under Armour

Headquarters: Baltimore, Maryland

Place on last poll: 30

Why it's hot: Under Armour has exploded in popularity in recent years thanks to signing famous athletes like Stephen Curry and smart marketing of its performance-wear. It has appealed to women with its empowering campaigns and its spokesmodels like Misty Copeland and supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

27. Toyota

Headquarters: Toyota, Aichi Prefecture, Japan

Place on last poll: 33

Why it's hot: Toyota's mid size SUV is one of the most "reliable" cars. The company is also making moves to partner with Uber. This all comes on the heels of ending its Scion brand, which originally set out to appeal to young people.

26. Michael Kors
Michael Kors rose to popularity because of its handbags.Facebook

Headquarters: New York, New York

Place on last poll: 66

Why it's hot: Michael Kors bags and watches are very popular with millennials, although a recent rise in ubiquity (along with rapid expansion) has threatened the brand's level of luxury. It may be too popular for its own good. That said, the brand is pulling out of department store couponing.

25. LG Corporation
REUTERS/Gustau Nacarino

Headquarters: Busan, South Korea

Place on last poll: 20

Why it's hot: LG — which keeps innovating with new products — executed a wild advertisement this year, in which U.S. Extreme Rock Climbing Medalist Sierra Blair-Coyle climbed a Korean skyscraper...with two LG vacuum cleaners.

24. Kohl's

Headquarters: Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

Place on last poll: 24

Why it's hot: Kohl's rewards program ensures customer loyalty without needing a store credit card. In fact, customers can earn points by doing the simplest activity such as pinning images on Pinterest. Kohl's lower prices can also lure millennials.

23. Gamestop
REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

Headquarters: Grapevine, Texas

Place on last poll: 57

Why it's hot: GameStop's sales have been falling, but it's been shifting its strategies so that it can win with this demographic. Adage reported earlier this year that the company has been changing up its PowerUp Rewards program to work with how many consumers get their video games by streaming.

22. Chick-fil-A
Hollis Johnson

Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia

Place on last poll: 55

Why it's hot: Chick-fil-A has a cult following, no doubt. Its zealots show their devotion every year when they have the opportunity to dress like cows to win free food. Chick-fil-A remains a favorite destination for millennials because the food is fresh... and good.

21. Kroger
REUTERS/Mike Blake

Headquarters: Cincinnati, Ohio

Place on last poll: 59

Why it's hot: Kroger's loyalty cards track what shoppers buy — so that Kroger's shoppers don't just receive random rewards, but rather, rewards that cater to their specific shopping needs. Kroger has been taking many steps to advance its in-store (and delivery) technology.

20. Old Navy
AP Photo/Ed Betz

Headquarters: San Francisco

Place on last poll: 23

Why it's hot: Old Navy has delivered quirky spots starring Amy Schumer. The retailer understands how to market content to the Internet generation, though sales have been slipping lately.

19. Disney

Headquarters: Burbank, California

Place on last poll: 21

Why it's hot: "Why is the Internet obsessed with Disney princesses?" Mashable asked earlier this year. It turns out, there's a myriad of reasons. One reason in particular that Mashable discussed? Disney princesses evoke certain memories — it's nostalgic. It also helps that the brand uses social media to connect with its audience, as Sarah Gibson wrote on LinkedIn.

18. Adidas
XMODE/Adidas centaur

Headquarters: Herzogenaurach, Germany

Place on last poll: 13

Why it's hot: Adidas has gained more traction thanks to its increasingly popular Stan Smith sneakers, as well as its partnership with Kanye West called Adidas + Kanye West.

17. Nintendo

Headquarters: Kyoto, Japan

Place on last poll: 11

Why it's hot: Many millennials feel nostalgic toward Nintendo because they played its games as kids. This has led to brand loyalty in adulthood. It also helps that Nintendo's old school games have grown up with its consumers — that is to say, they look pretty cool with Microsoft's headset.

16. American Eagle
Aerie has been part of the no-airbrushing movement.Aerie

Headquarters: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Place on last poll: 17

Why it's hot: American Eagle has managed to avoid the fate of many of its competitors by not falling victim to the low sale prices utilized by many fast fashion stalwarts. Most crucially, American Eagle has won the heart of millennial females with Aerie, its lingerie subset, which proudly boasts Photoshop-free ads. Since nixing Photoshop, sales have continuously soared.

15. Ford
REUTERS/Bogdan Cristel

Headquarters: Dearborn, Michigan

Place on last poll: 19

Why it's hot: Ford wins big with the millennial mom category. "Older Millennials move to the suburbs, have children and are looking for a vehicle," Ford's sales tracker, Erich Merkle, said to USA Today. "They are thinking of what happens when No. 2 comes, or No. 3," he said.

14. Pepsi
Thomson Reuters

Headquarters: Purchase, New York

Place on last poll: 15

Why it's hot: PepsiCo definitely tries to connect with millennials. It even featured emojis — the language in which millennials speak — on its bottles.

13. Express

Headquarters: Columbus, Ohio

Place on last poll: 38

Why it's hot: Express rewards shoppers by not just using their store credit cards, but by getting involved with Express in other ways, too — like retweeting its tweets and singing up for its text message alerts. For every 2,500 points, shoppers earn $10. This helps Express ensure customer loyalty.

12. Starbucks

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington

Place on last poll: 16

Why it's hot: Starbucks has been expanding its menu to include more food options such as sandwiches and salads — and even wine at some locations. It has also added drive-thrus to many locations.

11. Google

Headquarters: Menlo Park, California

Place on last poll: 8

Why it's hot: Google's smartphone apps have become essential for many millennials. Its Gmail program is also extremely popular. Google continues to find ways to be a part of users' everyday lives.

10. Victoria's Secret
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Headquarters: Columbus, Ohio

Place on last poll: 25

Why it's hot: Victoria's Secret is the undisputed leader of the lingerie market, controlling 61.8% of the market share, according to IBIS World. The company's marketing strategy, which includes its famous Angels, certainly helps. With nearly $7.7 billion in annual sales in fiscal 2015, the brand appears to be doing fine for now.

9. Microsoft

Headquarters: Redmond, Washington

Place on last poll: 5

Why it's hot: Microsoft is currently working to lure in Apple users with the new Microsoft Surface. It's even made fun of the Apple iPad Pro with a commercial.

8. Amazon
REUTERS/Phil Noble

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington

Place on last poll: 7

Why it's hot: Amazon offers one-hour delivery for members of its Prime service and expanded its grocery delivery business to New York City. The company also announced a new gadget called the Dash Button, which will make it easier for consumers to order household items, such as detergent, when they are running low.

7. Wal-Mart

Headquarters: Bentonville, Arkansas

Place on last poll: 9

Why it's hot: Wal-Mart gave its workers a raise and has pledged to adopt more humane standards for the meat it sells. It also opened smaller format stores that resonate with millennials more than supercenters. Its "Neighborhood Market" grocery concepts could rival those of Whole Foods, and its app helps consumers find savings throughout the store.

5. Coca-Cola
Donald Bowers/Getty Images

Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia

Place on last poll: 10

Why it's hot: Coca-Cola remains the clear leader in the soda market. The brand also scored high points for its "Share a Coke" campaign, which featured common names on Coke bottles. Still, Coca-Cola's partnership with Keurig for the Keurig Kold failed to resonate with consumers.

6. Samsung
Flickr/Kārlis Dambrāns

Headquarters: San Jose, California

Place last poll: 6

Why it's hot: Samsung's Galaxy phones and tablets are extremely popular with millennials. The brand's Galaxy S6 smartphone received rave reviews. Tech Insider's Steve Kovach said that Samsung's designs have eclipsed those of competitor Apple.

4. Sony
REUTERS/Toru Hanai

Headquarters: Minato, Tokyo

Place last poll: 4

Why it's hot: Sony is ready for innovation, from robots that can interact with humans to its wildly popular PlayStation.

3. Nike
Nike on Instagram

Headquarters: Beaverton, Oregon

Place on last poll: 2

Why it's hot: When it comes to active wear — and apparel in general — Nike is the go-to brand. Nike has focused on incorporating top-tier technology into its clothing. It helps that it's a massive retailer, with $32.4 billion in annual revenue.

2. Target
Associated Press

Headquarters: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Place on last poll: 6

Why it's hot: Target owns the intersection of style and affordability. It has been giving its kids' clothing business a makeover to be more stylish. The company also sells gender-neutral room decor and stopped labeling its toys by gender.

1. Apple
Business Insider / Matt Johnston

Headquarters: Cupertino, California

Place on last poll: 1

Why it's hot: Apple has a fanatical following, and many of its customers are millennials. The company's iPhones, iPads, and Macbooks, and Apple Watches are wildly popular. The company has a cultish following.

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